Get the Drive You Need to Permanently Quit Smoking

The strangest thing that comes onto my mind when I think of smokers is that: they know all about the huge dangers that smoking threatens their lives with, yet they still can’t give it up, beginning from lung cancer which is the most common disease for most smokers, in addition to Emphysema, Strokes, heart diseases and many other diseases. All of this and they tend to deny the truth that they might not be affected by these diseases, just to let themselves feel fine while smoking and not feeling that they’re destroying their health on purpose. They never think of the quitting idea till they suffer any kind of disorders because of smoking, till then they start to think of quitting smoking because of the damage that has been caused by smoking. So why do we wait till any damage happen? Try quitting smoking as soon as possible and read the following reasons that might encourage you.

Lung cancer is the most widely spread smoking related disease, moreover it’s one of the most common reasons that both men and women die of. In America, lots of thousands of Americans have cancer every year, 87% of these people have lung cancer because of smoking, and 75 % of these people will face death because of lung cancer, you can reduce having lung cancer to the minimum by quitting smoking. In addition to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or COPD which causes obstruction of airways, decreasing the amount of air getting into or out of your lungs, COPD is long lasting disease, and smoking is the major cause of this disease, In America, the number of people who had COPD was 14 million. Are you afraid of being caught by such diseases? Then why are you still smoking? Quit it immediately.
Another kind of dangerous cancer which is Oral cancer can probably affect a huge number of smokers, according to statistics, 70% of the oral cancer cases happen because of either heavy smoking or drinking excessive alcohol, oral cancer is one of the most expensive cancers to treat and it requires early detection, so why would you risk with your life for smoking?

Moving to another kind of diseases caused by smoking, this kind is heart diseases, In America, studies showed that, smoking is the number one reason of having heart diseases, also it was mentioned that coronary heart diseases are the main cause of death. As you smoke, poisons are being spread in your blood stream, forming plaque in your arteries, this causes atherosclerosis which is hardening of your arteries.

The last disease to mention but not least, is strokes, strokes is the third most common cause of death in America, the probability of having a stroke is two and half times more in smokers than non-smokers, annually hundreds of thousands of people die because of strokes.

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