The World According to Shiba

Shiba Inu’s are a unique dog breed who continue to grow in popularity Their small compact size, extreme agility and amazing intelligence level are just a few of the canine qualities that make up their Shiba Inu personality. The Shiba Inu temperament, while complex is one factor that makes this dog breed so unique.

With any breed of dog it is necessary to research thoroughly the breed you are considering prior to purchasing or adopting a dog. Then you will know precisely what to expect from your new family member as well as how to go about training, exercising, playing and every other aspect of your dogs life.
The World According To Shiba

An important personality factor to consider when researching the Shiba dog is their aloofness and desire for independence. The Shiba owner who did not learn how to train a Shiba or research the complex Shiba Inu temperament, often discovers they have the canine version of a child who feels the world belongs to them and has no boundaries. When someone owns this sometimes stubborn, independent dog breed without the appropriate training, it becomes the world according to Shiba.

Like that spoiled child any dog will act very similarly without appropriate boundaries. When it is the world according to Shiba it is MY toys, MY furniture, MY food, MY people. I think you get the picture.

Another important factor to consider is this breeds instinctive need to explore. They were originally bred for hunting, specifically flushing game out of the brush. Your Shiba, if left under exercised and not adequately entertained will find find her own highly creative ways to fulfill her needs. This usually equates to Houdini like ways to escape her boundaries, particularly outdoors. Once she’s gone, the great outdoors holds no limits for her.

It’s The Training That Makes A Difference
Now relax and do not cross this amazing dog off your list. With the right tools that teach you how to train a Shiba, you will have a very bold, but respectful, highly intelligent but well balanced pet. That’s what you wanted in the first place, correct?

With any dog breed, as long as you match the breed to your lifestyle and understand their personality quirks and temperament when acquiring a specific breed, you can manage their behavior to create harmony within your home including a well balanced, obedient and happy dog.

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